Weekly Tarot 6.1

I need to do a Month Ahead spread as well today. Just realized. Anyway. Got a new deck and decided to try it out for this week’s tarot. It is the Tarot of the Hidden Realms. Very beautiful imagery. ^_^

What, if anything, do I need to continue from last week?

Three of Swords – Sorrow and pain are a part of life. Acknowledging, processing, etc. are all things that we must do to move forward but this card is about the obsession. Thinking over and over the issue is part of the problem, there is no move forward. – This card is a reminder to NOT bring forward that obsession over the pains of the past because that will not help me any.

What is the next step in my path this week?

Ten of Cups Life is full of moments of love and connection. Some will be fleeting and others will stand the test of time.  Both experiences are needed for a full existence and this card is a promise of such experiences. This card brings wisdom and experience of the ability to nurture such relationships in your life. It is a time to create ties and celebrate them. – This card made me think about my plans to work on devoting myself to the Morrigan. Becoming a devotee would create deeper connection and celebrate it as well. So this may be the week I need to do that.

Clarify this step.

Six of Cups – Memories are funny, sometimes dangerous things. The six reminds us to think about the past, assess it, and come to terms with it but with compassion. The way you think about the past affects your present and your future. – This made me think about the first card and how obsessions over the past make it more difficult to move forward. But also, in relationship to the step, I am getting the idea that it means I need to do a little look to where I have been so that I can continue moving forward on this path of mine. I need to assess and come to terms with the past (not obsess) and then I can continue to make and celebrate connections.

What obstacles may get in the way this week?

XVII The Star – This card promises aid and relief. It is a card of hope and faith. The star will guide you in the darkness. – At first I didn’t know how to interpret this as an obstacle but the next card gave me more of a hint. Sometimes blind hope and faith, and too much optimism can get in the way of progress. Putting on the brave face every time and pushing away the emotions does not always help the situation.

Advice in overcoming obstacles?

Five of Cups – Everyone’s life is sprinkled with regrets, hurts, heartaches, and sorrows. With these challenges comes emotions and we often fear these very emotions. Let yourself feel the emotions you have been holding back and then you can experience the cleaning and healing release to be able to finally move past them. – Apparently I really need to work on this because it seems to come up almost every week recently. Or at least some variation of it. The only problem is, I don’t know what emotions I should be feeling and processing through. >.< I suppose as they come up I will figure that out.


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