Tarot Reading for Devoting Myself

I decided to do a reading about the whole devoting myself to the Morrigan. I made the spread up myself because I couldn’t find one for my purpose. Figured I would post this here.


1      2

3      4


Card 1 – Why do I want to be devoted to her?

Seven of Wands – There are times when you are certain of what you want to do. But there are other times you hesitate, when uncertainty creeps in and slows your progress. This card is a reminder of your initial quest, desire, hope. It is there within and reminds you to push forward.

Card 2 – Why does she want me to be devoted to her?

XIII Death – It is the end of one thing and the beginning of new. It is a natural change and end to things.

Card 3 – How will this affect my spiritual development?

Ten of Cups – This card is about making connections and it promises the experiences of both everlasting ones and temporary ones. It gives the blessing of wisdom and experience to nurture and foster such relationships.

Card 4 – How will this affect my metaphysical woo-life?

Knight of Wands He is motivated by passion and energy. He acts quickly and with confidence.

Card 5 – How will this affect our relationship together?

IV The Emperor – He is power and authority. It is a card of creating stability. It reminds you to rely on past experiences and to use logic to make decisions. It is time to recognize your power.

Card 6 – What is the overall outcome of devoting myself?

Knight of Swords – He is driven and optimistic. He is clear in his goals and aspirations. He is single-minded and quick and decisive.

My Thoughts:

Overall, I think it is a good indication that it will be good for my path. It will hopefully remind me of what I want in my path and push me forward again. It shows she wants this for a new beginning of sorts. It will hopefully be very good for my spiritual development and as far as my metaphysical woo-life it will give me the confidence I need to act on those things more effectively. It will also be good in creating more stability in my relationship with the Morrigan as well as helping me recognize my own power, which is very well a part of her message and purpose in my life. As far as the overall outcome, it seems quite favorable.

I still am trying to decide when I should do this. I am definitely thinking more at the new moon this month because when I first met her in meditation and ritual was during a new moon ritual rather than a full moon. Plus it is a time for new beginnings more so than the full moon. 😛 So the new moon will be the 16th and will probably be the day that I do this thing. 😛


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