Dream Log 6.7

The Context:

Yesterday was the Psychic Fair and Gala at our favorite New Age shop and we sat in on some nice classes and free demonstrations. Also got some fifteen minute readings as well. Of course, I get a call and then messaged with my friend about a bad dream she had that previous night. And then we get back to the house and find out major drama hit the fan in the divination community on tumblr. As I have also been worried about my cat, falling asleep was harder and more worries were happening.

The First Dream:

The home is secluded in a forest far from others. I am there with a man and a few others. They may be family members or friends. The home is on a frozen lake. It is winter.

Something has happened. (Something always does.) Someone was sent away earlier but nothing has been heard since. The man I am with and I begin to leave. We are going someplace far from here, but he explores the edges of the lake first.

He stops and tells me not to look. He found them. Frozen at the edges near the waterfall in their covered wagon. He says they froze, but she didn’t die. I can see her begin to move again. I ask about the children, but I do not see them again.

She comes after us, a frozen monster now. We race back to the cabin and shut it up behind, but she gets in again. She’s more intent on hurting me than anyone else, but he stops her, somehow.

The dream fades out as my cat wakes me up.

The Second Dream:

It feels like something much different here. I am trying to avoid capture. (Like so many of my dreams honestly.) I am not sure who is after us. There are so many. It feels like one of those YA dystopian novels because none of us are older adults. I even feel younger than 28.

I remember crossing over streets in back alleys near train tracks trying to find a place away from whoever is after us. I remember looking down the one alley side street and seeing families look at us with pity but they are poor and do not call us out. They sympathize with our plight.

But we get caught. By people close to our own ages no less. I try slipping through an abandoned building. It is a labyrinth of rooms and busted out windows. I remember thinking how very much like a maze the building was. And I come out near a whole crew of those after us. I can tell by their clothes.

I try to hide a little longer behind a wall, but they are coming around all corners it seems. They’ve made a camp here and everything is set up. I decide to attack instead. Why not? I am already close to capture as it is.

I jump out and on to whatever platform they have. Some go after me to stop me and tie me down. But it doesn’t work. I just keep moving. But eventually I stop and threaten whoever seems to be their leader. He is familiar to me, but not at the same time. He is close to my age.

I feel angry and wild. But he is calm and composed despite my trying to attack him. He doesn’t command anyone to hurt me or stop me, but I have obviously no place to run now anyway. I can tell he is amused by me as well as a slight sympathy for the people I was with. He doesn’t necessarily want to be doing this.

But the dream fizzles out before anything is answered.

The Third Dream:

My roommate and I have gone to an auto repair shop in a sketchy area. The two men there are greasy and thin. Something is broken on my car. Something they have fixed twice before but had failed to really fix. My roommate hands it over to the one and he says something about price.

I threaten him about how this is the third time for this same exact thing and they will do it for free or I will come there and kill them. Even a little harsh for me, but I am frustrated in the dream. He seems to get the picture and goes back to fix the small part.

Despite the sketchy area I know that my threat won’t cause them to retaliate. I know they have no gun. I know they won’t call anyone to their aid. I know I won’t really kill them either.

He brings the part back and we leave, but not before seeing something strange from the other mechanic who apologizes profusely. He couldn’t control what happened. But the details of what it is have faded…

The Commentary:

Honestly, I don’t know if the third one lead into the second one or if they were all just separate little dreams. It is odd that none of the dreams seem to relate, to me at least, to everything that I was worrying about before going to bed. Nothing about my cat came up. Nothing about my friend’s dream issue. Nothing about the diviner community drama. But I remembered a shit ton of stuff from my dreams.

The guy from the second dream looked like Jake Abel from Supernatural and Percy Jackson. Sure enough the guy is actually my age. And that dream definitely seemed like one of those YA dystopian fiction books. I don’t know why I seemed younger, but I did. Usually I don’t get that sense in my dreams.

The first dream was like a horror story with the frozen woman. Which actually could relate to something I was worrying about before bed, but nothing obviously apparent.

I remembered a lot so I felt it necessary to post about them.

Time to get working on my summer class and finish that up before tonight. Then I’ll do my weekly tarot. 😀


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