Psychic Faire and Gala 6.6

My roommate and I went to a psychic fair and gala yesterday and both got readings. I really wasn’t entirely in a place to get a decent reading because I have been super worried about my cat. But I did get some good information nonetheless.

I was told in the reading that I still need to work on opening my heart up for new love opportunities, which I also take relates to this empathy development thing too that the Morrigan wants me to work on. And while I have been feeling stuck, I am where I need to be in regards to my spiritual path and things will get rolling if I stop worrying about things.

Then during the psychic demonstrations I got two messages from different readers from my joy guide Emma. The first was about dancing which she always tells me to do. In regards to this message, it would help get things moving and help my slough off those worries that are keeping me feeling stagnant about things. And now in retrospect it seems to reflect John’s message about feelings stuck.

The second reading was flower messages and I got a pink carnation and some leafy green thing that flopped around a ton. As he began talking, I knew it was from Emma again. Some of it regarded opening up romantically again (bouncing off John’s reading for me). There was also a comment about cooking which the whole room cracked up about. At that point my blood sugar was getting too low and I can’t fully remember everything he mentioned.

But interestingly enough, I got an email from my coworker about a dating app later that night. I’ve mentioned I’ve though about it to her and she thought of me when she found the app. Maybe that is my sign to go ahead and try it and open myself up to the opportunities.

And while I am in a relationship with a non-corporeal being, Gerarian, I still am open to dating physical people too. The circumstances around his existence make it more or less (not sure which) easy to make that step into being with another person. I just haven’t dated anyone sense my ex-girlfriend. There was some nice fuck up there that made it difficult initially to look at anyone that way, but eventually I knew I wasn’t going to let my relationship with Gerarian prevent me from seeking out a physical partner. But nothing ever came out of any of my crushes (mostly on my account because I don’t make the first move and never really did >.<).

So yeah, maybe it is time. Maybe I’ll get some nice connections on this thing and at least date a few people. We’ll see if they share any of the same interests as me or if I’ll scare them off. But at least it is something. I am opening up to the opportunity.

And I know this didn’t totally relate to spiritual development or practice, it does relate to my personal development and I suppose it is a healing thing too. 🙂


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