Weekly Tarot 6.7

Time for Weekly Tarot. ^_^ I am using my Deviant Moon Tarot today. Mostly I was too lazy to go find my Shadowscapes or Hidden Realms that are in the other room. 😛

What do I need to carry over from last week?

Five of Swords – A cheat. Dishonorable victory. Unfair tactics. A cruel person who enjoys the suffering of others. A braggart. – I really don’t know how I need to carry this over…except perhaps dealing with someone like this will occur…

What is the next step I need to make this week?

Four of Cups (rev) – Bright outlook on life. New hopes and dreams. – Time to start having a brighter outlook on things. I think that can happen. It is the beginning of the summer semester.

Clarify this step

Knight of Swords – Brave but brash. A hero. Quick to respond and take action. Tactless. – I may need to be more forward with optimism and a bright outlook this week. Especially after last week…

What obstacles may get in my way?

Queen of Pentacles (rev) – Dependent on others for monetary support. Untrustworthy. Poor Social graces. – That doesn’t bode well after having put a good chunk of money into my cat. I don’t want to be dependent about money.

What advice is there regarding said obstacles?

Six of Pentacles (rev) – Selfishness. Hoarding wealth. Mishandled finances. – I may need to keep track of my expenditures this week because it could come some issues my development later if I can’t manage it now.


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