Dream Log 6/14

The Context:

Tried to go to be a bit earlier last night. Messed with my crystals first before setting my music and going to bed. Also did a meditation with the Morrigan too last night before bed, but it really did not relate much at all to the following dream. Messing with the crystals could have helped the dream recall.

The Dream:

It is dark out, very late. We may have gone clubbing, but it was after hours at this point. We are still enjoying ourselves, but it was about to end. We are about to get caught.

Our little group runs through the back alley. There is no exit except over the fence or wall. We all begin to climb and launch ourselves over it. We make it to the other side easily and take off again. We need to head home but we can’t lead the people chasing us there. We have to divert them first.

We run and run through the maze of this city. There may have been a confrontation at some point as my mouth is bleeding. Or perhaps I have fed, but that wouldn’t explain my teeth that fell out and I’m holding in my hands. It doesn’t bother me as much as I think it would. It is just one fang and a few other teeth. They’ll grow back.

We finally make it back around to our home, our coven, our nest. We still have to work our way through the house without anyone noticing. We will get in trouble otherwise. I hiss at someone, at one point, but I get hushed by our group leader.

We finally get to the point where we can split up and go our respective ways. But I don’t want to leave him yet. I want to spend more time with our fearless leader who now has to go deal with his father, our entire coven’s leader. He can’t really be seen with me, but I want to give him my fang that had fallen out. Somehow that seems romantic. But he is gone before I can and I have to hunt for him in the maze of our home.

But I never get it to him before the dream ends and I wake up.

The Commentary:

So I had a dream where I was a vampire last night. Cool. I distinctly felt female in it rather than male and apparently I was love with or cared a lot for the prince of our little vampire coven. Very interesting indeed.

I have had dreams with my teeth falling out before. Luckily this one only was a few, rather than every single tooth like some of my dreams. Falling teeth indicate a variety of things like vanity, communication, embarrassment, powerlessness, deception and lying, and health. For this dream, when I read Dream Moods, the powerlessness interpretation seemed more likely because it relates more to the vampire thing too. The main tooth lost was one of the fangs used for piercing skin and feeding for a vampire which would mean major feelings of being powerless. Also vanity relates because one of my vampire past lives was super vain.

I don’t know if I am feeling particularly powerless, but maybe I am? Very intriguing I had a dream being a vampire with other vampires. If I didn’t feel female in the dream I would have said it may be a memory of a particular past life but I suppose it could have been a different life (cept the dream didn’t really make sense for that one either). I don’t really know. It was interesting to say the least.

I also find it interesting that giving my fang tooth to the prince vampire was supposed to be romantic and possibly profess my love to him or something. I wasn’t worried about it not growing back or anything because I knew it would. But yeah, thinking about offering the bloody tooth was interesting.


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