Devotional Prayer Beads for the Morrigan

Since I mentioned my prayer beads in the previous post, I figured it would make sense to show them off.

    I used garnet, hematite, amethyst, red tigers eye, and onyx for the sets of nine. I used bloodstone for the spacers. And for the five beads between the raven skull bead and the triskele spacer bead, I used one lava stone and a bloodstone as the large beads. Then one garnet, one opal, and one onyx. Their all beads that relate or remind me of something about the Morrigan. Red crystals especially. 🙂

And, as a bonus, my witchy craft box I finished painting. I want to use it as sort of a witchcraft-to-go box with some essentials for basic magic. I have some ogham on the sides for the Morrigan’s name and for Lugh’s name. So I have been crafty lately. Need to continue being crafty. 🙂


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