Devotee, Daughter, and Warrior of the Morrighan

I felt it appropriate to go ahead and mention that I did a little devotion and dedication to the Morrighan last night. I think it was semi-necessary to do something more formal for it than just say, “Hey, I’m your devotee now.” So I did a short little thing. It isn’t very eloquent by any means.

Around 10 something this morning was the new moon, so I decided to do this last night to lead into the whole new moon, new start of a new phase of my path. Plus, the first time I ever sat down and met with the Morrighan was during a new moon ritual so it seemed appropriate to do this devotion during a new moon phase.

I initially wanted to have a glass or red wine for a bit of an offering too but I didn’t go out to get anything nor was I feeling that well (caught another cold or seasonal allergies kicked in). I settled just for a little candle ritual sans alcohol offerings.

Once I got home from work and got settled in my room, I lit my altar candles. I had recently gotten a black candle filled with Reiki protection energy and a black glass candle holder with raven imagery etched on the side for the Morrighan’s candle (I use a motivation candle for Lugh and a spirit candle for Mother).  I lit all the candles and burned some Dragon’s Blood incense.

I wrote up a little something to say as part of my devoting myself to her. Sometimes I do a decent job writing up things like that, other times I am kind meh about it. This time feels like the meh side of writing. But I figured I would share it.

Morrighan, Morrighan, Morrighan.

Badb, who is Badb Catha; Macha; and Anand who is Morrigu,

I call to you to be with me now.

I, Maya Stormheart, devote myself to you, the Morrigan, goddess of sovereignty, goddess of battle and war, goddess of death, queen of phantoms, faery queen, goddess of magic and prophecy, shapeshifting goddess, and goddess of fate.

I dedicate myself to the path you lay before me, to walk by your side as your daughter, warrior, and fate changer.

I swear to listen to your words and wisdom, to actively work on my path, and to do your will.

I do not promise to always agree and to never fight back. My will is my own, but I ask for you to guide me and push me beyond my comfort zone and to encourage me to always act.

I do not expect to be coddled and I welcome the tough love you will provide me.

I am now your devotee, your daughter, your warrior, and fate changer. I belong to you, the Morrigan.

I also ended up stating some of my expectations from this whole devotee relationship now and what she expects from me. Mostly I expect her to be more active in the development of my path and to likely be more demanding of me. She expects me to do more on my path; to meditate more, to do more astral work, to do more psychic development, and to listen more. She’s always on me about listening more.

I tried to meditate to listen to her more, but I was having trouble concentrating and I was getting tired quite quickly. But all in all, I think it was productive. It will be interesting to see how things progress.

I chose saying daughter and warrior in my spiel because it seemed appropriate. She is a bit of a tough love mother, but she is also a partner and in a way an equal but I still see it as being a bit of a mother daughter relationship. And considering my general work on the astral and the type of person I am, warrior is also fitting for this whole devotee relationship.

As far as fate changer, it is something my roommate had mentioned from her work with the Morrighan and honestly how she and I both work on our individual personal paths. We are all about changing our own fates and the general fate of our world. And as the Morrighan is a goddess of fate, it makes sense to add the little fate changing thing to my devotion piece.

I considered adding priestess at one point but that isn’t quite what this part of my path is about. At least just not yet. It has been something I was thinking before, but this first step is being just a devotee. Being a priestess for the Morrighan or whatever else will come later if it is meant to happen. Right now, I am just a devotee, her daughter and warrior.

Oh. And I finished a set of prayer beads for the Morrighan. It is rosary styled but instead of five sets of ten beads it is five sets of nine beads because that number makes more sense for the Morrighan. I made sure last night to let it be known that those were hers and I would plan on making a set to wear as a devotional necklace.

So yeah. There we go. Again, we’ll see how this goes now for the future of my path.


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