Flowers for the Morrigan

I am in a chatty mood today apparently. Two posts in a short time. Haven’t done that in awhile.

I picked up a miniature carnation plant at the store last night. I would have loved to have gotten the gardenia but I didn’t want to carry that around or have to worry about where I wanted to plant that at the house. Maybe later. The gardenia smelled gorgeous and I was in love with it. 😀 I don’t think I had ever seen an actual gardenia before either. But that is besides the point.

I saw the carnation and thought they would be a perfect addition to my plant collection. I initially set it on my altar last night. The color is a dark, deep red and that kind of red reminds me of blood and thus the Morrigan. So, while it’s symbolic meaning might not entirely relate to the Morrigan, the color did and it was a nice to have flowers on my altar.

Of course, this morning when my cat decided it was time for me to get up he started to go inspect the carnations for the first time. My cat loves messing with plants and flowers like no one’s business and it drives me nuts. He leaves orchids alone for some reason though.

Anyway, I moved them before I left for work today to make sure he wouldn’t mess. I do want to give them to the Morrigan though as a nice little addition to whatever devotional work I may end up doing here as a new devotee. I also find them lovely in general because they are the flower for the birth month of January which means it is my flower (also my roommate’s :P). I have always enjoyed carnations and I didn’t remember until recently when I got a flower message at the last gala at the New Age shop and got a pink carnation.

They are such long lasting cut flowers. They smell nice (apparently it is described as being a light clove scent). And they are just really pretty and have so many petals and the fringe petals are lovely. ^_^

But yes. I am going to give them to the Morrigan. Whether she likes carnations are not. 😛 Because I am a shit and I like them and they would go on my altar if my cat wasn’t an ass. They might get put back there if he behaves and ignores them for a second night.


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