Meditation and Oracle Reading with the Morrigan After My Devotion

One thing the Morrigan wants me to do is actively work on my practice more. That means meditate more, talk to her more, do more active astral work (rather than just travel during sleep), and more active psychic development outside of the class I attend. So I decided to sit down and do it today. Or at least the meditate and talking to her portion.

Sometimes my focus isn’t the best or the longest it could be but at least I tried. 😋

Anyway, during meditation she just urged me to make sure I do these things more and suggested, when I get the chance, to draw and paint my bliss area. It has changed since the beginning of my work and it would be a nice reminder of my continuing work on my path. A homage to it for my altar space. I have wall space above where it would work well. I would love to add a shelf there too for more shrine related items and to free up the actual altar.

But anyway. I included a picture of my current altar space and the oracle cards I pulled at the end of meditation to see where I am at on my spiritual development.

Full altar set up currently after my oracle pull.

These are the cards I pulled to indicate my spiritual progress right now after my devoting myself to the Morrigan.

The first card is where I have been, basically. There was a bit of being stuck in the mud and holding myself back or down so I couldn’t move forward. There is green and blue around to show some healing but I wasn’t really taking it in. And even the sparse yellow and orange was not helping me yet get out of where I was stuck.

The second card is more where I am now, in the moment. Things have just come together. The brown from the previous card returns but it isn’t pulling me down and keeping me stuck in the mud. The creative yellow-orange is flowing out now. There is movement and eventually action.

The third card is hopefully where I am headed sooner than later. There is a release of a lot of energy and it is a good release. It is creative and powerful. There is a lot of purple on this card to indicate more spiritual growth with the expression of creative energy. The person inside the larger one is dancing and free. I am headed to good things for my development on this path.


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