Graveside Birthday Party

Today would have been my grandmother’s 100th birthday. Happy birthday Nana!

A while back my sister mentioned getting together for her birthday (but not necessarily on her birthday since today is a Thursday and all) to celebrate and honor her in a way. My immediate suggestion to my cousin (who was also helping plan with my sister) that a seance, cards, and beer at Nana’s grave would be awesome and fun. Lee thought it was awesome, but either my sister Amy did not or else they figured we’d get kicked out if we all showed up, started drinking, and playing cards over her grave. That was probably true.

My sister and cousin’s plan was to get together at another of my cousin’s place (I have a big family on my mom’s side) and play cards and drink there. Problem is, my cousin Jo works most weekends and I think it ended up being phone tag between Amy and Jo and, as far as I know, nothing got planned.

I remembered yesterday that today would be Nana’s birthday and as no one sent anything out about getting together as a family for it, I took it upon myself to call my mom and aunt to meet me at the cemetery and pay our respects. Whenever I would go out there as a kid, they would be the ones I would go with anyway. Once, when I was cleaning the hole where the flower vase is kept when not in use, my mom came up behind me and grabbed me saying, “They’re gonna get you!” I screamed and freaked out because I had had my hand down in the hole. We spent quite a bit of time once finding our relatives’ grave stones and collecting rubbings of their headstones back when.

Anyway, my mom and aunt were both on board with meeting up at the cemetery today. I got up earlier than intended because neighbor’s roof was getting worked on and I got ready and got there before my mom and aunt. I figured it would be good ancestor work. The ground was a little soft but I got my blanket laid out to sit. I played a game of blitz with my grandmother (well sorta with a dumby hand really) and she won. 😛

I also took a beer with me and poured her (and my grandfather) some. I also drank some of it. Mostly I just sat there quietly-ish. I talked out loud to her and yelled at the aunts that kept crawling on me. I took a few other things with me but I never really got it out (like my tarot), but I did set up a nice little photo of her gravestone seen here below.

Beer, cards, my grandmother’s rosary, a picture of her and my grandfather.

I also took a picture of the tree their grave is next to. It has gotten so large too.

The tree where they are buried.

And my face for you. 😀

My face hidden behind my sunglasses.

It was a nice day, when I first got out there and having the shade of the tree made it nice. By the time my mom and aunt got there it was starting to get hot and I worked up a sweat trying to pull out the damn flower vase. >.< We still never got it out of the headstone so I dug a little hole in the dirt and stuck the silk flowers there. My aunt made the comment that Nana wasn’t letting the vase go because she hated silk flowers. My mom made the summation that it was because I didn’t give her the whole beer. 😛

Oh! And when I first got there, there was a crow flying around cawing, so I think the Morrigan joined me for part of the day.

After we put the flowers in, the three of us went to eat and catch up a bit (they did most of the talking because my voice is all wonky today). But we had a good day. Just wanted to share. 🙂


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