Weekly Tarot 6.22 and a Check in with The Morrigan

This post is getting double-duty. First off, my weekly tarot.

What is the next step in my path?

Two of Wands – She is the emblem of personal power and influence, authority, and courage. Now is the time to be bold and inventive, and not to shy away from doing what is necessary. But also beware of letting the intoxication of power cloud the mind and judgement. – Time to do and act and all that jazz. Seems about right.

Clarify this step.

XIX The Sun – Enlightenment and understanding, glory, achieving prominence. The constant renewal of life, vitality, filled with radiant joy and energy, invigoration, and good health. Being full of assurance and confidence, a clarity of vision and purpose lit by the clear daylight. Life and growth. – Honestly, first though was Lugh. He may not be a sun god, but I still associate him with it. And it makes sense bouncing off of the Two of Wands with being about personal power and taking action and every thing. It may be time to focus on him a bit again this week.

What do I need to work on from past weeks?

Nine of Wands – Vigiligence is his watchward. It urges you to keep your strength in reserve and to always be prepared for any eventuality. Retain a core of power and know your inner strength. – This still really relates to the first two cards with the inner power and strength. It may just be a good idea to keep my strength and power in reserve for whatever I may be doing this week.

What obstacles are there this week?

Nine of Cups – All that the heart desires is within reach. Health, prosperity, and good fortune. The Nine of Cups entices with the pleasure of the senses, satisfaction, and wish fulfillment. The future is assured and there is bounty on the horizon. – I initially started to think this meant that perhaps having all of this would be the obstacle and distract me, which still may be very possible. However, I am taking this more as this week may actually go smoothly for a change. So I am not going to read the last cast I pulled.

This week may be a bit better than past weeks with being sick on and off and all else.

A few nights ago I did a little spread to check in with the Morrigan about what all I should be doing with my path. I found a spread in the Hidden Realms Tarot book that seemed appropriate to use in this situation, “What is Hidden? Spread.”

What is hidden?: What you need to acknowledge and use and is likely something overlooked.

Knight of Cups – This knight values the experiences of the heart and soul. He is dreamy and romantic. He is slow to action. He would rather enjoy the journey than rush to the destination. He’d rather wander than set a course. He is here to live in the moment. – The part here that struck me is the wandering bit. The journey, the wandering path is more important than the destination at this point. Having not set path, not destination.

The Gift: What you can use or do right away to help the situation.

Five of Cups – Everyone’s life is sprinkled with regrets, hurts, heartaches, and sorrows. With all these challenges comes emotions, yet we fear these emotions. Let yourself feel what you’ve been holding back. Only by doing this can you not only work through and move past them but also experience the cleansing and healing that they bring. – I get the feeling it is around time I start more actively working on shadow work stuff again. I kind of half-assed it before, not it is time to actually do it. That and writing out posts for my memoir blog because that ties in and is about me working through those emotions.

The Challenge: The hardest thing to solve.

Queen of Swords – This queen represents someone with a lot of life experience, and not all of it necessarily happy. She is smart, analytical, and honest. She is never the victim, but rather sees all difficulties as challenges. With an uncanny ability to see connections and patterns, she is able to draw on her own experiences and impart wisdom on others. At times bitterness may tinge her normally calm voice. Even this strong lady can feel weary of always rising above life’s misfortunes. – I have a tendency to be more like the Queen of Swords than any other card because of the whole logic and analytical side of my brain that almost always takes over. I am especially like this queen too with the making connections and seeing patterns. And here and there my recollections of the past are quite tinged with bitterness and I can definitely get weary of the hardships. I often associate the Morrigan with the Queen of Swords in many decks as well, but I don’t think it is a warning that she will be my challenge, it is more about me being my own worse enemy. My Queen of Swords qualities getting in the way of just wandering the path.

The Reward: The outcome.

Two of Cups – It indicates a moment of cemistry or recognition, when like meets like, when two people are simpatico. They are moments filled with energy and a spark. It can be romantic but not necessarily. It can also be an intimate partnership. – If I can get over the obstacle, do shadow work and wander the path without analyzing it and forcing it into a box, there will likely be a stronger partnership with the Morrigan at the end of this.

Again, I did this spread a couple days ago and just now got around to writing something up about it. On my drive home from my parents’ I asked her about what I should be doing. She indicated that I pay attention to the Knight of Cups in this spread about just wandering the path. Not everything needs planned out in this situation. Yet, despite that, we both know I need to make a short list of some immediate housework for my path and development. Mostly that involves me making sure I meditate regularly, I continue posting on my memoir blog and this one, and of course get back into shadow work and finish taking notes on the Penczak book I borrowed from my roommate.

Hopefully I can get this done soon and stop letting that hyper analytical queen side of myself take over and hold me back on this path. 😛


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