Meditations and Past Lives with the Morrigan

The Morrigan, while showing me that part of this journey is about the wandering, she (and I) want to make sure I start doing things regularly. This includes meditating more. So far I have been more consistent about it. Sometimes I don’t sit long at my altar and I can’t focus much, but it is taking the time to do so that has been helping.

Sometimes, I also just try talking to her while I am driving to or from work. I often let my thoughts wander to the song playing or have to focus my attention on the traffic, but other times I can actually hold a decent conversation with the Morrigan or whoever. And today Lugh popped in on my way to work.

Nothing was particularly discussed about my path or anything, but he asked, or I offered, that I need to exercise more and that can be part of my work with him. He isn’t as exercise oriented as other deities may be, but he is athletic and as a jack-of-all-trades he is well-rounded in all areas, so why not. The Morrigan has indicated it is not something she is as interested in me doing for her, but it is perfectly okay to do for him. So I sort of made the promise to do workouts more and dedicate that time and energy to him.

However, that really isn’t what I wanted to talk about here. This evening, when I settled in to meditate before bed I should just be sleeping now but I decided to do some work on a potential side-blog and then write this for this blog, the Morrigan indicated she wanted me to go someplace with her.

I stand there before her and she tells me to follow her. We walk for a while along a path in the woods. It isn’t my usual bliss area or sacred space for meditations. But we continue on for a bit until she shapeshifts into a raven and begins to fly off. I continue to follow but she stops and fly back down at me, shifting back into the form I usually see her. She insists I need to follow her and mimic the way she goes. She wants me to shapeshift as well.

I do so, not necessarily thinking of a particular bird form, but I end up as a raven like she is and we fly together. We are high in the sky and I don’t know where we are at first. I don’t ask questions either, I just follow. Then we lower closer to the ground, the island below gets larger as we come closer. She tells me I should visit here someday. Visit Ireland.

The air is filled with battle cries and clashes of swords. I see battles below me. We fly among them for a time, inciting the battles more. She says, “People are are more willing to change their fate when confronted with death. They don’t always survive, but at least they fight to change it and that makes all the difference.”

We land at a battlefield full of the dead warriors, but the clamor is still heard far away. She shifts back into a human form and I do the same but she stops me and asks I stay a raven. I ask her what this is but she doesn’t answer me. Instead she approaches the body of a woman on the ground. I fly close and look at her face. She looks like me. Dead and different, but there is something familiar and I recognize her as me.

I ask the Morrigan if this is a past life thing. I had been curious about whether there had been some past life where I worked with her before but nothing was mentioned during our normal chats. She tells me it is. She says, “This is what it is to be a priestess of the Morrigan. You are a warrior. You do not just sit idly by professing the philosophies of religion. You fight. You will always fight and always be a warrior, as you have in so many of your lifetimes.”

I ask to see more of this life. Of me not being dead. Things seem to rewind quickly and skips to an early scene. She is running drills by herself on the hillside before heading towards the woods. We fly there and I land upon a tree branch. The Morrigan is gone. I watch the past life me below me. She calls out for the Morrigan and sees me as a raven. At first her language is not recognizable or even English, but I realize it is a form of Gaelic from whatever time this life is and once I recognize that, I can understand her.

The Morrigan appears to her. They speak to each other, but I can’t recall what it is. Another raven lands on the branch beside me. It is my raven animal guide. The past life me below sees him and immediately thinks the two of us and the Morrigan below are all three sisters. It will bring her luck, she says.

And shortly after that, the Morrigan brought me back. She told me the reason she went ahead and showed me was because I had been curious about it, so why not show me. And, I figured I needed to share it now before I forgot about it in the morning. We’ll see later if I get more information about this past life.


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