Owls on My Dash

I have been seeing owls on my dash a lot recently. Several are images in combination with crows or ravens. There are always owls on my dash here and there, but not often with the crows and ravens so I took note. I don’t know if it is anything trying to contact me or just the people I follow being exuberant about the owl right now, but I thought I might try the entity identification spread to find out.

Now, I’ve looked up deities associated with owls already. Since I have been focusing in the Celtic pantheons I have been trying to focus there. No Irish deities seem to associate with the owl explicitly but there are the Welsh deities Arianrhod and Blodeuwedd both being associated with owls. And as I have worked with the Welsh Cerridwen it wouldn’t be a stretch that maybe they would contact. But I wasn’t sure and still felt the need to do the spread.

I can’t necessarily say it gave me a definitive answer though.

Entity Evaluation Spread: What kind of entity am I dealing with? – 8 of Cups Overview of the entity: 2a. Their personality – 4 of Swords 2b. Their past – 3 of Cups 2c. Their present – Page of Pentacles 2d. Their future – King of Pentacles Why are they here? – 9 of Wands What do they want from me, if anything? – Hermit What’s the best course of action from here? – Knight of Wands

I don’t plan on giving a whole thing about what each card means and the interpretation. The first card didn’t really shout deity to me though, except in the aspect that it kind of looks like a night sky with stars if viewed further back (which could indicate Arianrhod). The Personality card made me think of the flowers associated with Blodeuwedd as well, but again didn’t shout that and the 4 of Swords didn’t really seem to indicate her mythology either. The other cards didn’t really seem to really connect to either of those two deities as it went along.

Some of the cards seem to indicate the possibility of being associated to a goddess but overall I am leaning more to it just being a animal spirit of the owl. The other possibility of deity besides Arianrhod and Blodeuwedd would be Cailleach (since the Gaelic name for owl is close to her name) but the rest of the cards didn’t quit indicate that either. But there is some significant animal symbolism for the owl in various Celtic traditions so it could definitely be just the animal, again.

I am mostly rambling through the thought process and may work on this more later.

Found some information here and here and here about the Celtic and general symbolism and significance of the owl. I will probably look up more related to just the animal symbolism and working with it as an animal guide, because that is honestly where I am leaning right now. It just doesn’t shout deity now that I have sat and rambled through it.


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