Devotional Poetry: Your Wings at my Back

Your Wings at My Back

When you black wings unfurled,
I felt them at my back
as if they were my own,
warding away all the dangers that I faced.
They bolstered me with pride,
with arrogance and confidence.
I did not feel afraid,
while your ebony-feathered wings
surrounded me with strength.
It was years before I knew,
your wings were not my own
and the fragile delicacy of mine
were no where near as powerful
and left me feeling vulnerable
as the feeling of yours faded away.
It took longer still,
before I recognized
the strength in my own wings
were just as powerful as yours,
and your wings wrapped around me
in quiet recognition.

Some devotional poetry…for the first time ever. >.< I haven’t written any poems in a long awhile, let alone thought of writing devotional ones for the Morrigan.


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