Weekly Tarot 6.29

I did this yesterday. Figured I’d take a picture of it too while I was at it.

What is the next step on my path?:

XVIII The Moon – Fears and anxieties, believing illusions, chasing after fantasy, dreams and visions. This card is a card of the faerie realm as they are masters of illusion. This is the realm beyond the known and comfortable and predictable. It is the Otherworld. It is easy to be the wayward traveler who is distracted and led astray, but keep wits about you to experience the realm of hidden unknowns and enchantment. – The very first thing I thought when I saw the card, before even reading the meaning, was about the fae and faerie realms. With my brief discussion with a fae prince not that long ago, it is probably just a reminder that I spend some time working with them more. Maybe even doing more astral related work as well.

Clarify this step:

XII The Hanged Man – Letting go and surrendering to experience. Accepting what is and giving up control. Reverse view on the world and see things in a new light. – Perhaps spending a little more time with the faeries and in the otherworlds, doing astral work, and everything else will help give me a shift in perspective I need to continue on this path further. Give up control and get to it.

Anything to carry over from previous weeks?:

Seven of Cups – Indulging in fantasies. There are many options to choose from and that can make things daunting. Not all desires or paths are within the realm of possibility though. – This really does seem to bounce off of the first card. I have a lot of smaller paths to choose from beside my main one. A jack-of-all-trades in both ability and interest. I may need to redirect myself to some of those other paths during this wondering into the otherworlds The Moon is indicating.

Obstacles this Week?:

Four of Pentacles – This is the possessive spirit, always desiring to be in control. He lives within the limitations of the cage he created for himself. He is in denial about his weaknesses and is averse to change. Let go of that selfishness. – This bounces off The Hanged Man card about letting go of control. If I try to maintain control in this, I won’t get far. I will only hold myself back.

Advice in overcoming obstacles?:

Five of Cups – The bowl is filled with her tears. It is about wallowing in regret and loss. It is rejection of pleasure, feeling sorrow, and wishing for what might have been. – I am slightly stumped on this one; however, when I first saw the card I thought about how in past weeks I keep getting told I need to deal with emotions and stuff. Emotions make me feel like I am not in control. Feeling those emotions gives up control on holding them back. So perhaps it is time (again) to let go and let my emotions out.

And as a bonus there is a Soul Card. It mimics the imagery of The Moon card quite well. I feel it is just reiterating that piece of this weeks puzzle. 🙂


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