A Month of Written Devotion: Day One

Saw a few people doing the Month of Written Devotion by ohimemiko on Tumblr, including my roommate, and I thought, since I did my devotion to the Morrígan recently it would be a good thing to do as well.

Day 1 – Who?

I have really already mentioned who the Morrígan is to me in this post here. I am actually not super sure what else to say about who she is.

For me, she is my patron deity. She is a stern mother-like figure that is both a partner and a mentor. She is a guide and a protector. She does not coddle though and is often impatient and testy. She has also been patient and sympathetic in certain situations, though.

She is a dark, protective presence in my life. I have felt her at my back, like dark feathered wings offering protection and a nice little intimidation factor. When I first felt those wings I used to think they were my own, and then I realized they weren’t. Eventually I figured out that it was her I was feeling, offering protection.

I often look to her for guidance, protection, and direction on my path. She isn’t the most patient deity to work with and sometimes hates that I ask for advice all the time. However, she is mostly annoyed that I don’t listen to her when I ask or when she does offer advice. But she is almost always there when I call her.

She has become a dear friend and confidant over the last few years and it has been a friendship I wouldn’t have traded for the world.


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