Maya’s Month Ahead Tarot for July

Almost forgot to do this one. 😀

Week 1 – II The High Priestess – Wisdom, knowledge, learning, intuition, purity, virtue. She is the keeper of knowledge and sacred mysteries of life and death. The symbols of the owl and pomegranate mimic this. – This first week may be the start of a very spiritual development month for me. This card also seems to bounce off the weekly spread for me as well with the High Priestess being one who is able to spend time in all worlds as a keeper and master of mysteries.

Week 2 – Three of Cups – Celebration, dancing, and singing. Friendship is a key component here with companionship and relying on others to develop community and a team spirit. – This week will be a celebration and time to spend with friends more, whether those friends be physical or spiritual. Also time to make sure I am celebrating my goals.

Week 3 – Nine of Cups – Hearts desire is within reach. Fish swim around and are  symbol of health, prosperity, and good fortune. Pleasure of the senses, satisfaction, and wish fulfillment. The future is assured with bounty on the horizon. – Again, seems to be continuing what the Three of Cups is saying. Apparently good things are coming my way this month and it should be a time to celebrate and appreciate the prosperity.

Week 4 – Queen of Swords  She slices through lies and deceptions. She is intelligent and witty in a very forthright way. She encourages one to discard the past, delving within to seek the true face to show the world. – This week’s card seems to be pulling back to that idea of inner personal discovery again. Delving within and knowing the true measure of who I am. Seek out the truth and understand it. And all that jazz.

Overall Theme – Eight of Cups – The eight beckons one to follow and delve deep within for personal discovery and answers. It is the seeker of truth. It asks one to disengage from the material world and pursue the spiritual. It is a time to let go and allow all weariness to ripple away from you. – I would have been disappointed if this wasn’t a card from the Cups suit. The Cups are a very emotional and intuition driven deck, all about working through emotions and developing intuition. This car in particular asks to spend this month seeking the truth, delving within for personal discovery and development. The other cups I got were more geared to celebrating and accepting the good things but they are also Cups and I have been told to spend more time working through my emotions as of late, so regardless of individual personal meaning, I think this month is a lot about spending some time on my spiritual development. And the High Priestess seems to indicate that as well. It is a good month for that because I only have one class to teach this summer and it isn’t overly stressful. 😀 Plenty of time to work on my spiritual path.


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