Month of Written Devotion: Day Five

Caught up now. Just know I am not the best at writing devotional pieces. The whole, devotion thing is new to me in general. 😛

Day 5 – Forgiveness

I have been sitting here, most of the day asking myself about how I am going to write this post. What about the Morrighan reminds me of forgiveness and what about forgiveness reminds me of the Morrighan? Have either of us taught each other any lessons about forgiveness that I can think of?

There are quite a few people I know of that come to mind for a list of people I should forgive. Former covenmates and lovers at the top of the list. Even my self is on that list. Sometimes I have forgiven them, but not always. Not for everything.

I don’t ask the Morrighan about what she thinks and how I should deal with things. While she is around for my personal development, she doesn’t coddle and ask me to talk about my feelings often. Though, based on my cards these passed few weeks, there have been a number of indications about dealing with past hurts and wounds.

So, yeah, I guess there is something related to forgiveness and the Morrighan after all. 😛 Whether we talk directly about it or not is another matter.


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