Month of Written Devotion: Day Four

Day 4 – Beginning

Stepping out of the dorm that day, started out like any other. But as I walked along the path on that cool March day, I saw them just ahead. Their caws unmistakable. The three of them, seemingly innocent on any other college campus. The air, the feel, was off though. The way the wind blew through the trees. The way those three ravens flew before me on the path as I walked along the path to breakfast. Something was going to happen that day and it did. And it changed everything.

For several more years later I would continue to see them as omens foreboding something really bad happening. I only paid them mind, however, if they were in a group of three. One here and there was never a sign. It had to be three. I went on edge if I saw a crow or raven, but I would calm myself if it was only one. But as soon as there were three, I would know something was amiss and I didn’t want to deal with that again.

But eventually, I realized that they were not bad omens as I had once thought. I wouldn’t have traded that night’s experience for the world. They heralded a change in the course of my path. And later, after other changes began to happen, murders of crows would show up in my yard. I wasn’t afraid of them indicating a shit storm was about to happen. I finally embraced the changes coming.

They were the beginning of the path I am on today.


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