Month of Written Devotion: Day Three

Got a little behind the other day because things came up and I forgot to finish this. >.<

Day Three – Together – Your relationship together

The Morrighan is a lot of different things for me. She is a mentor. A mother. A sister. A protector. A partner. A companion. A adversary even.

She is tough love and tough lessons. She is cryptic at times and also straightforward. She is stern but there are times I have seen her laugh.

She is the foundation and the walls around me. But she will take those away if it is needed.

She is insistent and frustrated easily by me as I am with her.

Listen. Listen. Listen. It is the phrase I hear her say most often.

She is a constant friend and companion now and she lets her protective reassurances be known when I need it.

We’ll probably be together causing little mayhem all along this long path of mine for a very long time.


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