Dream Log 7.6

By this point I think I have forgotten some key details from the dream but I thought it was a pretty interesting dream. This isn’t going to be in the usual format, though.

The first dream I was with two of my goods friends and my roommate. I don’t really know what was going on in the dream but I know we were running around doing something with a giant pentagram on the floor to stop something from happening. I think. I am not sure if we were actually trying to stop anything or if it was just some energy thing happening. I remember scolding my friend because she wasn’t paying attention because of her ADD, but yeah. It was interesting and I have no idea.

The other dream was different, obviously. There was another guy in the dream (other friends were still around in parts) and he and I were close-ish. There was this idea of a knight in shining armor type thing gag me now and towards the end, just before I started waking up, I would go riding with him. Not that kind of riding just horseback riding. The scenario shifted in the dream from modern to something more in the past and I was calling to him from outside on the horse. He was inside a small castle tower(?) thing where my parents(?) were and when he came out he was trying to tell me we weren’t allowed to go riding anymore. It was too dangerous or something, but I clearly did not care and insisted we could still go.

Yeah. Sometimes my dreams are weird and don’t make sense, which is why I didn’t bother trying to write this in the usual format. I will say, just before bed, I got a song stuck in my head that was cutesy and romantic-ish and then the dream with a “knight-in-shining-armor” type guy seemed a little more than coincidental on top of the time with Gerarian in bed before I fell asleep. >.<


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