Month of Written Devotion: Day Six

Day Six – Light

The Morrighan is not light or fluffy. She does not coddle. She is a darker goddess. The light that is brought into the relationship is simply related to my own personal enlightenment and awakening. She’ll help shed light on things I need to do, but in a way that embraces those darker, shadow sides of the self.

The most light that she has brought into my life has been through Lugh. He is not strictly speaking a god of light or the sun, but his personality, his associations all link to those aspects. While the Morrighan is the night and darkness, he is the day and light. She is the inward expression of things and he is the outward. Two sides of the same coin.

I honestly don’t give Lugh enough attention. I always think about maybe starting to exercise again or something for him. He is athletic and a jack-of-all-trades. I got the jack-of-all-trades part down, but not so much the athleticism. How does that connect to the subject of today, light? Lugh is that light that the Morrighan brought into my life, I guess and that is what I got reminded of for this subject. I was also going to start exercising again, but I sorta decided not to this morning because I was a bit lazy. And now that I have started this written devotion today, it seems appropriate that I should go ahead with the exercise plan again. We’ll see though. 😛


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