Month of Written Devotion: Day Eight

Day 8 – Hope

“We stand upon a precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for the moment… and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.” Flemeth, Dragon Age 2

The place I went to so often during meditations had changed. Once it was a wide open field of flowers, little creeks, and my tree. Forests and mountains were far off into the distance in every direction. The landscape had its hills but it was an expansive plain. My sacred space, my bliss area.

The sky and weather often reflected my own mood or whatever would comfort me best on that given meditation. Often that consisted of a brewing storm in the distance and sunny where I was. Other times the whole place was stormy. In winter, it would snow, but the flowers would still bloom.

But it had changed. My tree shifted to a new area across the field. Now it stood a short distance from a cliff’s edge that overlooked an expansive sea. A storm brewing over that ocean at one end and dawn or sunset at the other end.

It stayed that way for some time. Meeting with the Morrighan or whoever during meditation didn’t change where my tree had moved. No one really said anything about it either. It was just there. Now and then we’d sit at the edge or overlook the scenery, but nothing more was discussed.

Then things happened, and one of the darkest moments on my more recent path happened. I was afraid and angry about so many things happening that shouldn’t have been happening. Things I didn’t think I could change. But the Morrighan was there and while she listened to me rant and break down, her calm demeanor reminded me who she was. She was a goddess of fate. She reminded me that if I wanted to change what was happening, the fate of the situation, I could do it.

She directed me to go to the cliffs edge in my bliss area. It was stormy that time, not as a simple comfort, but as a reflection of my stormy mood. She told me to jump. I refused at first, but she insisted if I wanted to make that change I needed to this. To take the deep plunge. And I did.

I jumped and I feel. The fall seemed nearly endless through the sky down to the ocean’s surface below me. I screamed, my lungs exploding, but not with fear so much as it was releasing my frustrations. And then I hit the water and dove. Further and further down into the dark depths. The storm raging above, lightning flashing.

And as I continued to dive deeper into the abyss of that ocean, my worries and fears, my frustrations and anger sloughed away. I cried more than I had in awhile as well, but as I went deeper into those dark depths I felt more hope than I had in a while. There was a chance and there was hope around the corner and things could be changed. Nothing was set in stone.


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