Month of Written Devotion: Day Seven

Day 7 – Dark

The Morrighan is a dark goddess for me. I sense her as a dark presence, but it is a comforting presence. It is full of love just the same as a more “light” deity would be.

I remember trying to explain once to my mom about how light does not equate to good and dark does not equate to evil. I had been working a story with one of my favorite characters who was an angel. She escapes a ware between angels of light and angels of darkness but they pursue her when she flees to Earth. The way I was writing the story, the angels of light were more manipulative and “evil” than the angels of darkness were. When I explained this to my mom, she didn’t quite get it.

It was ingrained in her, and it is ingrained in many people, that all things evil are dark and all things dark are evil. I got an message once from someone wondering if it was bad that she was attracted to the dark things. She seemed to think that dark meant evil, and I tried to let her know that it wasn’t.

I know a quite few dark beings that are far from evil, the Morrighan being one of them. The dark and the darkness scares people. It holds mysteries and the unknown. It holds are deepest, darkest secrets, fears, and it holds our insecurities that we try to hide away. The more skeletons in a closest the more afraid people seem to be of the dark.

But it is often a warm embrace, like coming home. I feel that way with the light, too. Both are home. The dark is more compressing, like a womb to hold you tight a feel safe and protected. And the light is where you fly free and away from all your worries but also protected in that place high above.

With the Morrighan, I feel safe and protected. There is a reassurance in her dark presence that lets me set worries aside knowing she has my back. Her dark wings are warm at my back when I need to feel her closer. And her darker presence will scare even the scariest beings in the dark away. And it a presence that encourages me, however slowly I take with it, to embrace my own darkness, my own shadow.


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