Month of Written Devotion: Day Nine

Day 9 – Faith

Out of the great many things the Morrighan has helped me with since I first met her, finding Faith in myself has been a major one. Things that happened while I was in college and the two years that followed really impacted my Faith in myself. Friends that should have help bolster that Faith and trust helped squash it instead. But while my Faith in myself failed, my Faith in those very friends began to fail as well.

It took me quite awhile to reclaim any of my personal power. But the Morrighan, in her way, helped me do that over the years. I can’t say that every day I have perfect Faith and trust in myself, but more days than not I am proud of where I am and how I got here. I regained a Faith in my self and in my powers. I began to trust my gut more and more. The pieces came together for me.

And in the way it usually happens, my Faith in myself also helped me to have Faith in others again. Faith in Mankind as a whole. Faith in higher powers again. Faith in those I truly call friends that are more like family than anything else. Faith in the future. And Faith that someday old friends will finally live up to expectations and be who they were meant to be as well.


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