Month of Written Devotion: Day Ten

Day 10 – Soul

The soul takes many adventures
along this never-ending path
of faith and love,
and of dreams
that show the way.

There is growth
and heartache,
pain and remembrance,
and whispered wishes
on shooting stars.

There are backwards steps
and forward leaps,
crawling and dragging,
and dances within
still nights.

These souls of ours
call out to one another,
singing and begging,
and teaching us
the things we forgot.

Some day soon
we’ll meet again,
kicking and screaming,
and pleading
for help.

This soul of mine
will call on you,
sparkling and churning,
and roaring
with thunder.

You will answer
in the dark with raven wings,
of fate and destiny,
and of changes
that move the soul.


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