The Branches of My Family Tree

My family tree is huge. And by huge I mean I have traced back all the branches possible in my family tree. Now, by no means have I traced everything back completely. Recently, I have found some extra bits of information to include and was able to trace some of the more elusive branches back a little further. And it is quite exciting.

I don’t know why I always had an interest in my family tree. Maybe it has to do a bit with the fact that, as the youngest of my parents’ children, only two of my grandparents were still alive when I was born. I only really got to know of one of them, my maternal grandmother. My paternal grandfather, I met once as he had divorced my grandmother long before and had a new family in another state. I didn’t get to experience a lot of stories from my grandparents like some people might.

But anyway, I really enjoy tracing my family tree. I love seeing where they were from. I love knowing my dad’s side is from Ireland, England, Wales, and Scotland. I find it very cool my mom’s side is from Germany, England, and part of the family was in the Salem area during the witch trials. I love seeing their names. Some had beautiful names. If I ever have physical children I would love to name them after some of my ancestors.

Recently, I found out more about my paternal grandmother and her parents. I found out a bit more about stuff on my mother’s side too where there were dead ends. And it is exciting. It is great seeing pictures uploaded by other users who share some ancestors and have taken the time to upload them.

This is my way of doing ancestor work and ancestor reverence. Sometimes I think about doing astral work with my genetic ancestors and the wider range of spiritual ancestors. The one thing that stops me is the idea of reincarnation and that they have all moved on and aren’t there to work with anymore. Plus, as large as my family tree is, there are soooo many from which I could choose to work.

However,  may do something more than just working on the family tree soon. There are some ancestors I would love to connect with. There just seems like a lot of potential there right now and it seems like it would be a good thing to try. 🙂


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