Month of Written Devotion: Day Fifteen

Day 15 – Companionship

The Morrighan’s and my relationship has a lot to do with companionship, but not wholly. In many ways she is very much present with me in many situations as a friend, confidante, teacher, mother, partner, and protector. Her role changes depending on our needs. Sometimes she is more distant and less of a companion than other days like an abstract force I am meant to emulate or look to.

However, most of the time she is very much a companion I can sense as a distinct person in my life. It isn’t a single-role type of relationship though. She isn’t just one thing. She is often like a mother to me, whether I see myself as her daughter or she sees me that way I couldn’t necessarily say. But she is also like a sister and even an aunt. She is very much a friend and confidante as well. She is a teacher, a mentor.

And she is my partner on this path of mine. She has agreed to walk beside me on this journey. To guide my way, but also just to be there as a friend. And whichever of the three sisters walks with me at a given time, doesn’t much matter. We are all family and companions. I am their warrior and maybe, someday, who knows, a bit of a priestess for them.

I can never see our relationship without the companionship aspect. As I know her now, I can never unknow her. I don’t think I could turn away from her now or expect our relationship to change to being one without the companionship piece. She is a friend and very much family now.


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