Month of Written Devotion: Day Fourteen

Day 14 – Understanding

I don’t even really know what to say about this one. The Morrigan and I both have an understanding with each other. Or probably several. What exactly that is…you got me. She’s the center of my practice, so maybe that is it.

When the Morrigan had me work with Cerridwen for a short time, that understanding seemed to have been forgotten. The Morrigan got extra grumpy and annoyed with me. Lugh found it hilarious and Cerridwen brushed it off, but explained it to me. For whatever reason, the Morrigan thought I might actually choose to continue working with Cerridwen instead of with her.

As long as I had been working with her I would have though she would have understood that I wouldn’t have tossed her aside so easily for someone new. She thought, for whatever reason, I might actually choose someone who might be more affectionate than her as my patron.

She remained grumpy even after my work with Cerridwen was complete. She still seemed to worry, but in my devotion ritual, that seemed to change. The understanding between us, that she was my patron and the center of my practice, finally became clear to both of us and she finally settled her grumpy attitude. Though, by no means did she become a cheer coddling deity. 😛


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