Month of Written Devotion: Day Sixteen

Day 16 – Friendship

The Morrighan and I have become close friends over these last few years since I started working with her. She is a companion on this journey of mine and she offers advice when I ask like any friend would. She also knows when to tell me I am being an idiot. I often tell her very similar things as well.

She plays a lot of different roles for me, and that is probably as it should be since she is my patron. But even if she is playing more of the motherly role, she is still a friend. Even as my patron who I should “revere” and “worship” I still see her more as a friend and compatriot than someone above me. But there are times when I do look up to her.

I have learned over the years not to put anyone on a pedestal, including gods. That is why for the longest time I only said I ever “worked with” an particular deity, including the Morrighan. The moment I decided to worship or devote myself would mean saying they were better than me.  That is why it took me so long to devote myself to the Morrighan. And, lo and behold, devoting myself didn’t change that dynamic to what I worried it would become. She remained my friend, my mentor and mother as well, but still my friend and companion on this spiritual path of mine.

I never go into potential relationships looking for anyone, deity or otherwise, to grovel to and be subservient to. I look for friendship and common ground and mutual respect. And that was one thing with the Morrighan. She may make me work to gain her respect, but she seems to see us as equals. She doesn’t expect me to show complete worship and put her on a pedestal because she knows that is not what I need and that is not what she needs.

We are friends and that is what we both need.


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