Month of Written Devotion: Day Seventeen

Day 17 – Love

The love I have for the Morrighan is interesting. I don’t entirely know how to explain it. I rarely do, I suppose. Love is not something I express as warmly and openly as some. And as our relationship has just recently gotten to the devotee/deity stage, it would be odd for me to say I love her like most devotees love their gods.

Honestly, I feel like my love for her is almost like the love for a dear friend or sister. Even though I often see her often as a mother-type figure, I think my love is more reflective of a friend to friend or sibling to sibling type of a love. Though, depending on the situation when that side of her comes forth I do see my love for her more reflective of a daughter to mother.

The love I feel from her seems much similar, if not bordering more on how a mother would love a child than sisterly love. It seems more recently, since my devotion, that I feel the love evolving into something closer to sibling love. It seemed more mother/daughter before, but now it seems much more sisterly and it is interesting. I don’t know why it has evolved and changed, but it has. But that underlying mother/daughter love is still there, but more like I am with my own mother, I suppose. Less centered on her being a mother and more on her being older with more experience and a friend and mentor to offer advice from that experience.

While I can be a romantic and a writer, I can also have the hardest time describing my own feelings and love for others.


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