Month of Written Devotion: Day Twenty

Day 20 – Loyalty

It is funny how things have been progressing in this new devotional relationship with the Morrighan. I don’t know if it is simply a continuation of past life connections to her that have now been awoken or something just evolving from having devoted myself in this life. Hell, maybe it even has to do with working on this Month of Written Devotion.

Whatever the root, I feel an ever deepening sense of loyalty to her. I would follow her into battle, fighting on her behalf. I would do just about anything for her. And it is odd, because I never quite thought this would be how this relationship would evolve. I didn’t quite see myself as someone who would be a good devotee before. But now, it is different. I don’t see myself as perfect at it by any means, but there has been a change and I feel that fierce pixie loyalty growing inside of me for the Morrighan. And I think I like this change.


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