Psychic Development Class 7.23

Last night my roommate and I went to our psychic development class. While we both detest a certain individual who shows up all the time, we still enjoy the class and like to go.

The week before I had gone alone and we had done a crystal game. Part of it relates to getting a feel for crystal energies but it also relates a lot to developing the ability to send and receive information from another almost telepathically. I enjoy the game but last week and this week we started out with a bunch of crystals rather than starting with a few and building up with more. So needless to say, most of us in the class were having a hell of a time doing it both weeks.

Anyway. That really isn’t what I wanted to share about this week’s class. After we had finished with the crystal game, we still had about half an hour before class finished so John had us circle up and give messages in a group. Now, with the individual my roommate and I hate (mentioned here), it is really difficult to do these kinds of message circles because he tends to usurp everything. However, he wasn’t nearly as bad this week as he has been in the past, but they are still awkward circles with him.

I have found that if I focus on one person it sometimes helps, so I focused on the woman next to me and I immediately started getting the impression of a grandmother figure. For me, she appeared on my right side and I associated that with a maternal grandmother being as on my family tree my mother’s side is to the right. I also got an indication of her having had cancer. But despite getting these impressions I didn’t say anything right away because I don’t usually make any connection with persons on the other side like that so it took me a bit to say anything.

Finally, I addressed her and asked about a grandmother in spirit and in particular one she was close to. Yes. Was it her maternal one? No. Hmm. Did one of them have cancer? Yes, her paternal grandmother. Was that one like a mother to her? Yes, she helped raise her after her mother died. Okay. There we go. In some ways what I got was right, the deliverance of the information needs work I suppose, but there was something there. And message-wise, at the time, I had nothing but a hello from her and we left it there.

Then I decided to focus on the Pauls (a father and son who show up to class all the time as well). Like before it took me awhile to say anything and I let my roommate give a message or two as well as Grant rambling on about what he thought he needed to say to people.

When I did say something to the Pauls I asked if they had a connection to the Carolinas and they did. The father had been from North Carolina and they had a lot of family from there. Another correct impression I got. I had also got the idea of a Sadie…or rather Sadie Hawkins dance for the younger Paul. I interpreted it as an offer coming his way from someone and it would be best for him to take the offer as it would good for him. His father seemed to agree so there was that.

I don’t know. It was nice getting some confirmation about information I was giving, even if it didn’t amount to much. Usually I have a hard time in the circle trying to get anything, especially with Grant there being a creep. It just seems like maybe there has been progress with my development since devoting myself to the Morrigan. 🙂


One thought on “Psychic Development Class 7.23

  1. this is very interesting. I think i get a lot of impressions like that but most of the time i can’t confirm it like you did here. It’d be nice to do something like this! 🙂


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