Pet Magic

My cat has been sick this past summer. He has what is called hypercalcemia where he is producing an overabundance of calcium in his system. Now, there was noticeable enough high levels as a kitten when I had him fixed but not enough to stop us from doing the surgery. Never caused an issue until this summer when he stopped eating and lost a noticeable amount of weight. I am never calling my cats fat again.

Took him and found out his levels were high and sent out for more tests to get a possible positive that he might have a tumor or cancer. Well, I don’t make much money and as much as I love my baby, I cannot afford to take him to internal specialists to find out he has a tumor or cancer that he has to have surgery or chemo for.

So instead, we are treating him as idiopathic, which basically means there is no known cause for the condition. This means I have changed his diet to all canned food (though I am going to start supplementing dry in there too). Since the canned food has more water content he’ll pee more and hopefully flush out some of the extra calcium in his system so that it doesn’t calcify to his organs. And now he is about to start some medicine.

What does this have to do with this blog? Well, he’s pretty much my familiar. Somehow, in one of our ridiculous discussions that yield some weird truth, my roommate and I determined that my cat Declan isn’t really a cat, but a golem type creature that in one of my past lives I created for some ridiculous purpose neither of us really know for sure. His origin is from crystals that my past life put together to create a cat-like being to serve her and all our future lives when we’d need him. I have heard several beings I have worked with say he is quite a little protector.

Anyway, despite his soul(s) not being truly a cat soul and his origins being a crystal amalgam golem creature he is my little familiar cat. Ever since I began this path more officially (because honestly I have been on this path for far longer than I realized) he has been around. He showed up a few months after my old cat Necco died. When I practiced casting a circle one night he jumped at me and I caught him with my other arm and finished casting the circle with the other. He is always close and fairly sensitive.

But, damnit. If it wasn’t funny enough before us joking about him being a crystal golem, then he had to develop an issue with this hypercalcemia thing. I mean, the irony of him being a crystal, a mineral, golem and having high levels of calcium in his system. >.< I didn’t need that as a two-by-four moment, honestly.

But anyway, because of his health I have been trying on and off to do some Reiki healing with him. He doesn’t like it much. I even tried a crystal grid once or twice but he was even more grouchy about that and avoided it. The energy makes him testy I suppose. But when his appetite keeps going in and out I need to try something more still.

My roommate suggested some kitchen magic the other day. I am not great at kitchen magic, but I figured I could adapt something to work for him. I took his bowl this afternoon and created some sigils for the bottom of the dish to help him eat more. Since it is a blue moon and all, it seems a great time to harness that extra moon magic tonight too. I’ll probably try something on his pills as well to help him take them more easily.

I hope he continues to do better. It makes me really sad some days when he doesn’t eat much. Maybe a spell with help him out some more.


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