Month of Written Devotion: Day Twenty-Three and Twenty-Four

Day 23 – Blessing

The cliche is, it is a blessing to work with the Morrigan. Perhaps it is simply the fact that she chooses to work with someone that makes it a blessing. When it comes to the Morrigan, she chooses who she works with more so than any other deity I have encountered. If she doesn’t wish to work with you, she will not condescend to work with you. She is very particular with whom she chooses to work.

And of her chosen warriors and poets, because that is really what her devotees are for her, she blesses them many times over. For me, those blessings are slowly being discovered. I have been blessed with her protection over the years, even before I knew she choose me to work with. She has blessed me with gifts I have yet to fully figure out.

But each moment working with the Morrigan as my guide, my goddess, my companion, my queen, has been a blessing on my path. Things have been clearer since devoting myself, though there are still periods of fogginess as to where my path is leading, but her blessing is that it will get there.

Day 24 – Comfort

To bounce off the idea of blessing, the Morrigan has been a great comfort on my path. One of her blessings allows me to feel that comfort that she gives. Her dark winged presence wraps me in a warm comfort that I cannot often fully explain, but it is there. I feel safe and protected in that embrace. I feel comforted in her nature and where she is leading me.

She does not offer a coddling comfort. Far from it. But her presence, her stern expression and directness of manner, her lack of enabling one to wallow in grief and self-pity, and her understanding all grant a deep comfort. I know not to seek pity and overt sympathy from her. To get otherwise would destroy that comfort I find in her. I do not go to get to be told everything will be all right and to keep my chin up and she’ll make everything better. I go to her to get upset and frustrated with her stoic composure that waits for me to realize that the things I don’t like can be changed if I get my head out of my ass and take charge to make the changes myself. And in that, strangely enough, is the comfort she gives me. She reminds me that I am in control of my own fate, my own choices, my own destiny and that gives a deep sense of comfort that can terrify the less prepared.


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