I Rant to a Friend’s Father

*Warning: this is really just a rant I needed to get out about a friend’s father’s reaction to us cleansing his other daughter’s home to help his grandson. I feel better now that I have ranted this out.*

I do not like being called an amateur.

I have ten direct years experience in this life doing the work that I do in the physical, metaphysical, astral, spiritual, and various Other worlds. In this life. That isn’t counting all of my past lives I am aware of where I have done this shit and it isn’t counting all the past lives I am as yet unaware of.

My roommate and I have twenty years combined experience dealing with various levels of metaphysical bullshit. Some of it is fun and good and wickedly awesome to claim knowledge of. Other stuff is terrifying and traumatizing. Not everyone can do the shit that we do. Hell, many of the members of my former coven from college could handle this and broke. Some have since healed and others it is unknown whether they’ve healed and changed for the better or not.

So do not call me an amateur. Do not continuously jump to the conclusion that because your grandson is a four-year-old and is acting up when it is time for bed that my roommate and I failed at our job of cleansing your daughter’s home and this little boy is still being haunted or possibly even possessed.

My roommate and I both know full well how to tell the difference between the Dead and demons and other non-corporeal entities. We’ve learned to tell the difference. We have also learned to tell the difference between normal behavior and mundane causes with what is truly a paranormal or supernatural origin.

What your daughter and grandson are going through right now is called a four-year-old’s typical behavior to developing a fear of the dark. He has been reinforced by your daughter to react by screaming every night about going to bed in a room on the other side of the house from his parents’ room. He is a only child of his parents who acts up when he is around his cousins because he isn’t the center of attention anymore. He is continuing to act the way his parents and you have conditioned and reinforced him to act.

He. Is. Not. Being. Influenced. By. Any. Spirit.

Do not look to cleansings and magic as a quick-fix that will magically make your child sleep through the night. Biggest problem it will often lead to is revealing that you probably aren’t doing your job as a parent. And heaven forbid you acknowledge that you have done something wrong to encourage this bad behavior and will need to change what you do to make a difference.

I have a bachelors degree in Psychology. I started a Masters degree in School Counseling before I switched to English. I would say I know a little bit about behavior and what causes it. And at the same time I do all this Metaphysical Woo Life crap that gives me a good bit of knowledge and experience dealing with the paranormal and supernatural causes of things. I think I can the fucking difference between the two.

Can you, asshole?

You should be grateful for we have done for your family. For what we did for you.

So do not call me an amateur.


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