Needing to Do Work on My Path

I have been on a bit of an unintentional hiatus from doing actual work in my spiritual practice it seems. I have been wanting to work on it, but I have either been busy with work stuff (my mundane teaching life getting in the way) or I have been lazy (binge watching shows).

Since catching up on some things I have been able to take a few more moments to look at things and start figuring out what I need to be working on. One problem with having been busy, I got out of the habit of meditating and listening to the Morrigan and Lugh. Ordering the ritual cord from Beth helped me focus in on Lugh and sense him more again, but I still feel a little out of touch, particularly with the Morrigan. So while I have sat down to figure out what I am doing again, I am still having some issues focusing.

Fall semesters seem to be down-times for me actually doing work for myself because the semester gets so busy with work, but it become incredibly frustrating when I can’t sit down to do the work I want to do. But just doing it is sometimes the best option. So I have been trying to do a few things here and there. I did my spread the other day as you saw and then I did another reading for myself last night and tried to listen to the Morrigan.

If I don’t sit and focus in meditation my clairaudience/godphone is a little dull it seems. I got out of the practice of listening so I had to use cards. I had been seeing some things on my dash recently in reference to a particular deity and it drew my attention in such a way I thought about asking the Morrigan if she was wanting me to work with him. So I threw out one of those, “show me this sign so I know that you want me to work with this being.” And the next day, while with my roommate and friend, I heard several mentions by them about my given sign (not to mention signage places but I told the Morrigan those ones don’t count because I want it to be more obvious).

Now last night, I had to attempt this both as tarot and pendulum (which I don’t use as often) because apparently the Morrigan is well aware I am still busy with my mundane teaching life this week (I have a small conference I have been helping set up a program for and will be doing a presentation at again on Thursday and Friday) so she threw out the Ten of Pentacles and the Chariot and seemed to me to be indicative of the fact that I still need to focus on that for the most part. So the tarot didn’t really answer my question.

But I asked the pendulum if she wanted me to work with this deity and it said yes (I asked several times to be sure). But when I asked when she wasn’t as clear until I asked if she wanted me to at least attempt to meet him this week before starting to work with him. At least I got that indication. So yeah, I guess she wants me to meet and eventually work with this deity in some capacity. I have some guesses as to what those may be looking at his lore, but it will still be interesting to see.


Three Day Quote Challenge

Last one I believe, unless I lost count.

“You carry both lightning and thunder in that space between your bones and soul. Become the storm you are hiding from, a hurricane does not run from the rain.”
~Nikita Gill
Just seems a fitting quote for myself and my practice. 🙂

Spiritual Guidance Tarot Reading for Self

I felt the need to do a reading for myself. I haven’t read or pulled cards in quite a while and I probably should start doing that again. But anyway. I did the Spiritual Guidance Spread. I believe the original source is from but I found the image through a Google images search and I have seen it on Tumblr before too.

Anyway, it was mostly to see where and what I need to do on my spiritual path now. My cards were being assholes though. I don’t feel like giving any personal interpretation, just what my cards told me. Used my Shadowscapes and my Wisdom of the Hidden Realms oracle. Continue reading

Three Day Quote Challenge

Here is my second chosen quote from this three day quote challenge:

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

~J.R.R. Tolkien

I mentioned this in one of my previous month of written devotion posts that sometimes the point is to get lost, but more than that, the wandering around. I will wander along this path of mine and if I am lost, it doesn’t matter.

Three Day Quote Challenge

I was invited by Dances with Canines to participate in the Three Day Quote Challenge. So here we go.

❝The path isn’t a straight line; it’s a spiral. You continually come back to things you thought you understood and see deeper truths.❞

For my tumblr sideblog I have started a series of tags for things related to my path. One being, “The path is ever winding.” This quote was one of those added to that tag.

It is a nice reminder that things on this path are never always a clear straight path. There are twists and curves. It will take me deep into the dark forest and the path will be hidden. And it will continuously wind around back on itself so I can take a look at the progress I have made.

Part of the challenge is to invite three people each day to participate. By doing so we are spreading encouragement, inspiration and friendship to our fellow bloggers. So today I invite:

Let Be Wild/Journey to the Stars

And anyone else who would like to join.

Month of Written Devotion: Day Thirty-One

Here is the last one of these for the Morrigan at least. I may decide to do it for Lugh at some point though.

Day 31 – Dear

Dear Morrigan,

Thank you. Even when I was not aware of your presence, you were there guiding or warning me. There has been something quite comforting in your presence for me that I would sorely miss. My path, while still uncertain, has been much clearer with you here by my side.

You are my queen, my goddess, my guide, and companion on this spiritual journey of mine. May we continue on together for years to come.

Your daughter and sister,


Month of Written Devotion – Day Thirty

Day 30 – Ending

Almost all things come to an end eventually. I think, in some ways, the Morrighan has shown me that. It wasn’t a new idea by any means, but part of her lessons seem to repeat the idea of endings.

Endings are hard, honestly. Most of us avoid the ending of things. So many people are afraid of death not only because they are afraid of what does or does not come after, but also because it is an ending. People are hesitant to say goodbyes and some hold on desperately to relationships that are clearly falling apart all around them. But eventually, it all ends.

The Death card is one of my favorite cards in the Tarot, because it’s meaning relates to new beginnings more than literal death. It is the end of one thing and the start of the new. One thing must end before we are able to make room in our lives for the new.

But some things don’t have to end. They go on for a while. I don’t see my relationship with the Morrighan ending anytime soon. I don’t think she’d let me if I said I was done. Some things obviously wax and wane, but it won’t be ending just yet. She has plans for me.