New Altar/Devotional Items

So excited! I finally got around to ordering some devotional items from Beth Wodanis Designs (also found here on her Etsy shop).

My roommate mentioned Beth’s shop and has ordered several items from her so I have been checking out her items. She has beautiful work and I am in awe of it just looking at her listings. I have just been waiting to buy because of money. And now that I am two paychecks in I could buy some things I had my eye on.

So what did I get? For any of you new to the scene, I am a devotee of the Morrigan and I have been working a lot with Lugh, though I may not always talk about what I do with Him as much. However, I saw Beth’s ritual cord for Lugh and also candles for both Him and the Morrigan. So I took the opportunity to buy them. And OMG! I love them. Here is a picture:

Yellow candle for Lugh, the Ritual Cord for Lugh, and a red candle for the Morrigan.

LOVE THEM! I just got back from a trip out to Kansas City area and it arrived while I was gone so I opened them almost immediately. The candles smell gorgeous and I can’t wait to light them. And wow. The cord.

My hands are more sensitive to energy than anything else and holding this cord in my hands I can feel the energy buzzing through them and into me. I love it! It is soft and beautiful and ready for work.

I think Lugh is happy about it too. I don’t have much in terms of devotional items for him just yet, but I am getting there and it just seemed appropriate to get him something more for my altar since the Morrigan wanted me to work with him as well.I can’t wait to start using it.

So many props and thanks to Beth! You have beautiful and excellent work. I am so happy with my purchases. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3


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