Month of Written Devotion: Day 26

I am determined to finish this up for the Morrigan and maybe start on for Lugh.

Day 26 – Growth

I mentioned briefly last time that the Morrigan has been guiding my path. She wasn’t noticed until much later, but she has been there for quite some time guiding me behind the scenes until I was ready to know her.

The first clear moment looking back on her doing so was my freshman year in college. I saw three crows flying in front of me one morning on my walk to the dining hall for breakfast. They wouldn’t fly off but just kept hopping a little further on the path as I got closer. They were a warning of what was going to happen later that night.

Since then I think there were more things, subtle and not so subtle of her attempts to guide my spiritual growth. Some times I listened. Sometimes I didn’t. That is her biggest thing when I sit to work with her too. She’s always telling me to listen because I don’t do it nearly as much as I should.

But ever since my freshman year I have grown and changed so much as a person. All the crazy ass shit I talk about on my “memoirish” blog has contributed to not only my knowledge of these things but my own personal growth on this path. And the Morrigan has been there guiding and encouraging my growth.

Since I have actively started working with her, that growth has seemed more apparent. Except, well, during those times when I get so busy with my mundane teaching life that I can’t stop and listen to her. But even then, I can look back and see this little, barely-there seedling of who I was my freshman year and compare it to what I have grown and developed into.

I am not complete. I have a lot of growth left to go. But I know the Morrigan and my other guides and companions will be there along the way helping me along my path. And I am grateful for every moment along the way that, while it may have stunted my growth for the time, allowed me to grow more lush and beautiful afterwards.


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