Month of Written Devotion: Day 29

Day 29 – Encouragement

The Morrighan is a stern patron. I’ve mentioned before our relationship is like a mother/daughter one, but also like a sisterly one and there are times she is like an aunt, or just a teacher/mentor. She is a companion on this path of mine. But she is a stern one.

I do not see her giving me tons of “You can do this!” encouraging remarks. It is more of that look that says, “Get off your ass and do it already, because you know you are fully capable of doing it.” She doesn’t sit there and give hugs and warm lovey vibes off all the times. She isn’t gentle, generally, and it is typical of her to be somewhat harsh and brusque in her words and demeanor.

But that isn’t to say she isn’t encouraging at all. It just isn’t in the gentle way some people or deities may be. She gives no shits as to what you think you are and are not capable of. She doesn’t tolerate wallowing in grief or uncertainty. She expects a certain degree of action in one’s life and she won’t except excuses. She knows you can do whatever it is that she asks of you even if you don’t think you can. And she will stand there watching you until you do it.

And somehow, that is encouragement enough. The fact that she knows I can do something encourages me to get it done. Her lack of tolerance for excuses is somehow encouraging too. She just won’t sit there and give you a million encouraging words to get you motivated. She expects enough out of you that she knows you can motivate yourself. Even if it isn’t always on her schedule.


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