Month of Written Devotion – Day Thirty

Day 30 – Ending

Almost all things come to an end eventually. I think, in some ways, the Morrighan has shown me that. It wasn’t a new idea by any means, but part of her lessons seem to repeat the idea of endings.

Endings are hard, honestly. Most of us avoid the ending of things. So many people are afraid of death not only because they are afraid of what does or does not come after, but also because it is an ending. People are hesitant to say goodbyes and some hold on desperately to relationships that are clearly falling apart all around them. But eventually, it all ends.

The Death card is one of my favorite cards in the Tarot, because it’s meaning relates to new beginnings more than literal death. It is the end of one thing and the start of the new. One thing must end before we are able to make room in our lives for the new.

But some things don’t have to end. They go on for a while. I don’t see my relationship with the Morrighan ending anytime soon. I don’t think she’d let me if I said I was done. Some things obviously wax and wane, but it won’t be ending just yet. She has plans for me.


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