Dungeons & Dragons & Devotion


Weird idea I stated to have today and I was working on my D&D campaign for some online friends and I…what about, for at least myself, bringing in an aspect of craft deity devotion to the practice? I mean, I can see it strangely working out.

For me, it has got me working on more creative writing again and planning and plotting and all that jazz. I have been meaning to do some more writing as a bit of a devotional act for Lugh and even the Morrigan and playing D&D almost seems to be just as good of a devotional type of an act as well. It brings in some creativity (granted I am using a lot of published adventures right now rather than creating my own) and as a Dungeon Master there is a bit of a “fate maker” type thing going on which the Morrigan would probably get a kick out of.

This I am sure is sounding a bit like a ramble, but I thought the idea would be interesting to incorporate aspects of playing and DMing a game of D&D into some devotion for the deities.

Lugh would probably like the aspect of it being an adventure and the whole creative act in and of itself with character and encounter creation.

The Morrigan would probably enjoy quite a bit of the idea of controlling the adventure but everyone leveling up and making choices based on the encounters…pushing people to make changes and control the fate of their own characters.

And since┬áI have started working with Manannan, I think he’d like the idea of the whole other world being created for the campaign and story and everything. Be some fun in the whole concept of Otherworlds we talk about.

Not to mention I could totally create some NPCs based on some of our deities ;D. The Morrigan already reminds me of The Raven Queen of the D&D gods. ­čśŤ

I don’t do a whole lot of actual devotional type work with any of the deities I work with, so I thought this might be a good way to do something. Let them know I am thinking about them and whatever. Plus, who knows, maybe they want to play too. ­čśŤ


Dream Log 11.20

I haven’t done a dream log in quite a while. Not that I haven’t remembered some of my dreams, but I just haven’t felt like sharing all of them.

Last night/this morning’s dreams were quite interesting. And the sad thing, like usually, the details have mostly faded away by this point in the day.

One dream was rather epic and adventure related and the second one, that I had after waking up the first time, was much more modern feeling. I think one thing I recalled from both was about looking for or hiding some poison…or rather pain dust. I kept hearing that in my head as I woke and drifted in and out.

Why I would need to find or hide pain dust is beyond me. Maybe it was a particular high grade pain dust that needed to be kept from others? I don’t really know.

I kept wanting to slide back into my dreams but my cat was being a turd and wanted me up. I would love to be able to recall more of the dreams. There were intriguing and it bugs me that as I type this the only thing I can recall is the feel and vague “adventuring”-gist of the whole thing. Plus the whole pain dust thing.



Felt like some poetry with my tags from my tumblr version of this blog. Not great, but something I wanted to put together for a while.

This Path of Mine

I am on this ever winding path through storm-covered flower fields to the horizon. There is lightning in my veins and storms in my heart.

I have mountains to climb and forests to travel. And while the mist may cover the path, the sun will shine through the clouds. The moon will be my guide and the stars will bring me home again.

The path through the woods may be covered with mist, but to be lost in the woods is to see the forest through the trees and to find my way again I will take the deep plunge off the cliffs and the waters will carry me.

The path is paved with flowers and through my hands I feel the entire universe around me. With flowers in my hair, I will dance along this path of mine that is built upon the ruins of old. I will follow the butterflies to the tree that stands in my soul.

I am a dandelion, I am the spark.

Cookies and Apples

That just seems like a fun, innocuous little title.

So I did get some more confirmation on the deity that the Morrighan seems to want me to work with. I like giving her the task of sending me specific signs so I know for sure, so I picked “cookies,” hence the title. So I may continue to associate this deity with cookies. Kind of like how I associate Loki with cheese and ladybugs. ­čśŤ

Anyway, I am still learning a bit about who this deity is and what the Morrighan would like me to work with him on, but I figured I go ahead and share.

I have been wondering for awhile when and who I would meet next on my path. It had been a bit quiet on my personal path since I was busy with teaching. Since I seem to be mostly in the Celtic pantheons lately anyway (mostly Irish), it seems like the next deity would be within the Gaelic pantheon. I hadn’t been consciously looking to meet another, but I was speculating to myself who┬áthe Morrighan would decide I should meet and work with. So I started to see more and more on my dash related to the sea and water and, more specifically, the god┬áManann├ín mac Lir.

From my quick perusals┬áof lore I read before,┬áManann├ín seemed like and interesting deity. He isn’t one of the┬áTuatha d├ę Danann but was affiliated with them. He is the one most commonly sited as having fostered Lugh to adulthood. But the biggest thing about him is that he is seen as a god of the sea and the Otherworlds as a guardian and one who ferries┬áthe┬ásouls of the dead to the Otherworlds and he resides at Emhain Abhlach (isle of apple trees).

I won’t get into too much more about who he is and the lore associated with him. I mostly wanted to cover the basics of that. From sitting with him a couple times, he seems very gregarious and will be easy to work with. I am not 100% sure for what reasons I will be working with him, but some of it relates to whatever the Morrighan is wanting me to do for her more. I don’t know if that means anything related to actually working with the Dead not something that is really my area and I am less inclined to believe it actually deals with that aspect of the Otherworlds or if it relates more to Otherworld travel.

Before I got super busy with the semester teaching, I had also started looking into aspects of Irish polytheism and how the belief system was set up. Their concept of cosmology is related to three realms of Land, Sea, and Sky (incidentally have read certain areas in the Celtic Otherworlds relates to these areas as well) with the Land being more this physical realm, the Sea being being the Otherworld of the afterlife, and the Sky being weather related. I am oversimplifying and butchering the concepts here but when I was looking up these things the aspect of immramma and echtrai came up which are voyages to the Otherworlds. The Morrighan indicated this was something she wanted me to do.

So, I think the work the Morrighan wants me to do with┬áManann├ín relates to doing astral work in some capacity. I am not sure what the long term or end goal is yet. Most of the time I don’t think to ask or expect to get a straight answer anyway. But it is something to explore. And again,┬áManann├ín seems like a pretty cool deity to work with from my couple of sit downs with him this past week. So this’ll be fun. ­čśŤ