Cookies and Apples

That just seems like a fun, innocuous little title.

So I did get some more confirmation on the deity that the Morrighan seems to want me to work with. I like giving her the task of sending me specific signs so I know for sure, so I picked “cookies,” hence the title. So I may continue to associate this deity with cookies. Kind of like how I associate Loki with cheese and ladybugs. ­čśŤ

Anyway, I am still learning a bit about who this deity is and what the Morrighan would like me to work with him on, but I figured I go ahead and share.

I have been wondering for awhile when and who I would meet next on my path. It had been a bit quiet on my personal path since I was busy with teaching. Since I seem to be mostly in the Celtic pantheons lately anyway (mostly Irish), it seems like the next deity would be within the Gaelic pantheon. I hadn’t been consciously looking to meet another, but I was speculating to myself who┬áthe Morrighan would decide I should meet and work with. So I started to see more and more on my dash related to the sea and water and, more specifically, the god┬áManann├ín mac Lir.

From my quick perusals┬áof lore I read before,┬áManann├ín seemed like and interesting deity. He isn’t one of the┬áTuatha d├ę Danann but was affiliated with them. He is the one most commonly sited as having fostered Lugh to adulthood. But the biggest thing about him is that he is seen as a god of the sea and the Otherworlds as a guardian and one who ferries┬áthe┬ásouls of the dead to the Otherworlds and he resides at Emhain Abhlach (isle of apple trees).

I won’t get into too much more about who he is and the lore associated with him. I mostly wanted to cover the basics of that. From sitting with him a couple times, he seems very gregarious and will be easy to work with. I am not 100% sure for what reasons I will be working with him, but some of it relates to whatever the Morrighan is wanting me to do for her more. I don’t know if that means anything related to actually working with the Dead not something that is really my area and I am less inclined to believe it actually deals with that aspect of the Otherworlds or if it relates more to Otherworld travel.

Before I got super busy with the semester teaching, I had also started looking into aspects of Irish polytheism and how the belief system was set up. Their concept of cosmology is related to three realms of Land, Sea, and Sky (incidentally have read certain areas in the Celtic Otherworlds relates to these areas as well) with the Land being more this physical realm, the Sea being being the Otherworld of the afterlife, and the Sky being weather related. I am oversimplifying and butchering the concepts here but when I was looking up these things the aspect of immramma and echtrai came up which are voyages to the Otherworlds. The Morrighan indicated this was something she wanted me to do.

So, I think the work the Morrighan wants me to do with┬áManann├ín relates to doing astral work in some capacity. I am not sure what the long term or end goal is yet. Most of the time I don’t think to ask or expect to get a straight answer anyway. But it is something to explore. And again,┬áManann├ín seems like a pretty cool deity to work with from my couple of sit downs with him this past week. So this’ll be fun. ­čśŤ


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