Felt like some poetry with my tags from my tumblr version of this blog. Not great, but something I wanted to put together for a while.

This Path of Mine

I am on this ever winding path through storm-covered flower fields to the horizon. There is lightning in my veins and storms in my heart.

I have mountains to climb and forests to travel. And while the mist may cover the path, the sun will shine through the clouds. The moon will be my guide and the stars will bring me home again.

The path through the woods may be covered with mist, but to be lost in the woods is to see the forest through the trees and to find my way again I will take the deep plunge off the cliffs and the waters will carry me.

The path is paved with flowers and through my hands I feel the entire universe around me. With flowers in my hair, I will dance along this path of mine that is built upon the ruins of old. I will follow the butterflies to the tree that stands in my soul.

I am a dandelion, I am the spark.


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