Dream Log 11.20

I haven’t done a dream log in quite a while. Not that I haven’t remembered some of my dreams, but I just haven’t felt like sharing all of them.

Last night/this morning’s dreams were quite interesting. And the sad thing, like usually, the details have mostly faded away by this point in the day.

One dream was rather epic and adventure related and the second one, that I had after waking up the first time, was much more modern feeling. I think one thing I recalled from both was about looking for or hiding some poison…or rather pain dust. I kept hearing that in my head as I woke and drifted in and out.

Why I would need to find or hide pain dust is beyond me. Maybe it was a particular high grade pain dust that needed to be kept from others? I don’t really know.

I kept wanting to slide back into my dreams but my cat was being a turd and wanted me up. I would love to be able to recall more of the dreams. There were intriguing and it bugs me that as I type this the only thing I can recall is the feel and vague “adventuring”-gist of the whole thing. Plus the whole pain dust thing.



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