Dungeons & Dragons & Devotion


Weird idea I stated to have today and I was working on my D&D campaign for some online friends and I…what about, for at least myself, bringing in an aspect of craft deity devotion to the practice? I mean, I can see it strangely working out.

For me, it has got me working on more creative writing again and planning and plotting and all that jazz. I have been meaning to do some more writing as a bit of a devotional act for Lugh and even the Morrigan and playing D&D almost seems to be just as good of a devotional type of an act as well. It brings in some creativity (granted I am using a lot of published adventures right now rather than creating my own) and as a Dungeon Master there is a bit of a “fate maker” type thing going on which the Morrigan would probably get a kick out of.

This I am sure is sounding a bit like a ramble, but I thought the idea would be interesting to incorporate aspects of playing and DMing a game of D&D into some devotion for the deities.

Lugh would probably like the aspect of it being an adventure and the whole creative act in and of itself with character and encounter creation.

The Morrigan would probably enjoy quite a bit of the idea of controlling the adventure but everyone leveling up and making choices based on the encounters…pushing people to make changes and control the fate of their own characters.

And since I have started working with Manannan, I think he’d like the idea of the whole other world being created for the campaign and story and everything. Be some fun in the whole concept of Otherworlds we talk about.

Not to mention I could totally create some NPCs based on some of our deities ;D. The Morrigan already reminds me of The Raven Queen of the D&D gods. 😛

I don’t do a whole lot of actual devotional type work with any of the deities I work with, so I thought this might be a good way to do something. Let them know I am thinking about them and whatever. Plus, who knows, maybe they want to play too. 😛


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