Witchcraft for Teachers: A Grading Motivation Charm Bag

I started a witchcraft for teachers series since I am a teacher and a witch I thought it would be a fun way to combine mine “mundane teaching life” with my witchy life. My first spell or charm I wrote up was to make a charm bag for grading motivation. I finally got around to finishing my charm bag last night so here are pictures and such.

Here is the link for my original post for the how to make one: http://trthsprk8.tumblr.com/post/129878452382/mayas-witchcraft-for-teachers-series-charm-bag

I also created a sigil to use for my personal charm bag and made the bag myself (rather than purchasing one). The sigil is repeating the idea of being motivated and productive while grading and I stitched it into two pieces of fabric that get me motivated and productive (yellow and orange).


I then sewed up the edges so that I could create the pouch effect. I used a long straight stitch that I pulled to give the puckering effect.

So I sat on my bag for a couple weeks because I needed to get my crystals and charms (which I ended up not finding/using anyway). Last night I finally got around to picking up my crystals so I figured I’d cleanse those and get my herbs and such mixed and added in.

If I remember correctly, I used cinnamon,  orange peels, citrus green tea, peppermint tea, whole cloves, and rosemary as my dry ingredients. Crystals were carnelian, ruby, clear quartz, and citrine. And then I added a drop or two of rosemary, cedarwood, and cinnamon oil. Mixed that all together and dumped it into the bag and wrapped and sewed it all up.


Finished and filled bag.

As the final touches I did charge it and say a few words to help place the energy into and everything.

Now I am ready to get grading to the final weeks of the semester and beyond! Yay!


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