Witchy/Pagany Study Schedule

I am going to attempt to set up a study schedule for myself again. I have done this off and on in the past when I have had the time and want to give some dedicated time to different aspects of my path and craft, but I would often fall out of the habit. So here will be another attempt at.

Since I teach and have to dedicate time to actually meeting my face-to-face classes, and I have to grade and all that jazz, I am incorporating that into my schedule now. I figure, if I make that part of my routine over break the winter break when I try to start this study plan again, that may help when classes actually do begin. And maybe sticking to a routine and a schedule will help out my path funk.

I tended to feel more productive when I did that in the past. It made me sit down and dedicate time to certain tasks I had been meaning to work on throughout the week rather than binging on one at a time for days and then setting it aside for months.

By all means, I am much better at consistently doing things now than what I used to do. My meditations are some what more consistent/regular and I do spend a bit more time with devotion things granted it is usually just wearing a piece of jewelry and acknowledging the deity who it is designed for. I have been doing more little witchy things too on a more consistent basis and making sure I spend time on more crafty things.

So, I am not in a terribly bad or pathetic place right now, I just need to be more consistent in my practice. At least that is what I feel may be right for me. Maybe that consistency and scheduling my work out more will help give me a better idea of what it all will mean in the end.

I may need to add in a good spiritual cleansing for myself as well. The new year is almost here and that may be a perfect opportunity to shed some old funk and make more progress again.

Oh. And I just had an epiphany moment sitting here writing this. I had to double check my notes from the numerology class I took, but this year is my 14/5 year. According to the teacher who taught the class, we have several life changing years that crop up 2-5 time in our lifetime and they signal major shifts.

Last year was a 13/4 year, which is considered a year of destruction and change. Usually this is positive. A 12/3 year is when you think about the changes you want to make. And then the 14/5 year is where you analyze the changes you’ve made.

And what have I been doing a lot recently? Analyzing and pondering and wondering about a lot of things. I wasn’t even necessarily thinking about the changes I made but all these path changes really began more last year and are taking hold this year for me to analyze and see how they work.

Sometimes I forget about those little things but the synchronicity is quite nice to see.

Anyway, I will probably be planning out what my study schedule will be while I have some “down time” and hopefully I can get everything moving there soon enough. šŸ™‚


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