Witchy/Pagan Study Schedule Part 2

I got things planned out for myself enough that I think I can be fairly successful with my study schedule. ^_^

I have set it up a weekly/daily schedule where I have my class stuff worked in plus drive times and sleep/prep/meal times. Granted the meal times probably won’t be followed closely but my aim is to hopefully make sure I am eating on a regular (and healthy) basis. I set up goals for 2016 and a short task list of things I need to do to sort of prep. I am definitely feeling the need to do a ritual cleansing, I think. Plus general winter (rather than spring) cleaning tasks.

Sometimes it is just motivating to have a set of tasks and goals established to move forward. I also set up a reading list to go along with my witchy/pagan study schedule. I will set up a casual reading list too (I actually set up a pages per day on The Hobbit last night so that will probably be the first book on my list).

Someone had recently posted about bullet journaling with witchcraft and tarot and the external site gave me an idea of what to incorporate in my own bullet journal to help facilitate this whole process along. I set up a checklist regarding altar and devotional related takes so that I remember to keep up with that in my practice. I am also including a quick daily tarot draw for January in it and I am thinking about doing a little 30 day minimalism challenge too. Just little things that got me inspire I guess. ^_^

I am tentatively planning to start my new course of study on Monday. The Solstice seems like a nice starting point for something like this.

Also, did some more looking up numerology stuff and this site will give you more. But I wanted to share what my personal year number and personal month numbers are and you’ll see why. (Note: I struck through the parts that didn’t really matter for me as much.)

Personal Year 5      A Mid-cycle Time to Make Adjustments and Changes

Personal Month 8      A period requiring a business-like attitude; may have to make tough decisions; an unexpected financial improvement could change a plan

DELIGHTFUL: Look for a wonderful move forward somewhere in your life right now. You are either reaping the rewards of past efforts, or motivated to be more focused, persevering, and self-disciplined. Given the possibility of sudden changes, don’t be surprised by an unexpected increase in income or the resolution of a pending legal matter or real estate issue. Job-wise, you may have a last-minute invitation to travel, or be eagerly awaiting the close of a tiring business trip. Real estate deals, moves, marriage concerns, or large purchases could be preoccupying your mind. Job seekers may have several opportunities that may pay off in the future. Those who have met the love of their life may be getting engaged. Married couple or partners may make a new decision about spending. Reflect on what you could do to make a productive change. With a clear intention, you will attract what you need. Optimism is free—and it greases the path for Law of Attraction. Try not to let cranky people upset your peace of mind. KEY: Self-control, faith in your process, and confidence in your abilities—along with a good supply of humor–help you through this challenging week.

Anyway. I just thought that made some sense. 😛


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